E Tendering

What is e-Tendering 

          Web based tendering and procurement
          Automates the complete procurement cycle
          Simplification / streamline procurement procedures
          Departments / PSUs interact with vendor community online
          Secure price advantage and lower transaction cost
          Better inventory management and minimize procurement cycle time

Extended Features.
v  Process flow based on type of tender
v  Complete audit tracking system
v  Net meeting
v  Powerful smart search for flexible viewing
v  Features like bookmark, alerts & sort options
v  Downloading, fax, e-mail and printing options
v  Post award activities
v  History of tenders
v  Quick view of tenders
v  File transfers
v  Easy interface to backend and front end operations
v  Procurement time table with user event diary
v  Decision support management

Other Features
v  One cover or two cover system
v  RFQ, Restricted and Open
v  Pre-Qualification + tendering
v  Turnkey Projects
v  Time based auto icon pop-ups
v  Support different docs (.doc, .jpg, .dwf, .zip…)
v  Single and Multiple Awards
v  Postponement, cancellation and re-tendering
v  Tender Committee approvals
v  Reverse auction
v  MIS (Reports and queries)

Financial Systems
v  Facility for Payment of tender document fee
v  Acceptance of Bid Security / Earnest Money Deposit / Bid Bond
v  Provision to monitor the Security Deposit
v  Acknowledgement of financial transactions by buyer
v  ePayment support for payments from vendors
v  Audit module for all financial transactions

Benefits - Manual Vs e-Tendering

Manual Tendering System
E - Tendering System

Ø  Longer Procurement Cycle
Ø  Shorter Procurement Cycle

Ø  Expensive
Ø  Economical – Fixed Cost

Ø  Limited participation
Ø  More Participation

Ø  Paper Based Procurement
Ø  Environmentally Friendly

Ø  Restricted Mobility     
Ø  Anytime – Anywhere Bidding

Ø  No work on Holidays  
Ø  Bidding possible on Holidays

Ø  Prone to Human errors
Ø  Automated & Accurate process

Ø  Content not sharable
Ø  Shareable Content

Ø  Physical Security
Ø  Foolproof Security

Ø  Wastage of space to store bids
Ø  Lifelong storage

Ø  Not retrievable
Ø  One click access to bids

eTendering Flow
Ø  Department will float the tender and publish.
Ø  Once the tender is published, this tender will move to tender free view page in website automatically.
Ø  Any person can view this published tenders and download only the public documents
Ø  For participation, vendor has to get register in e-tendering portal where they will get User ID and password for further participation process.
Ø  Vendor will make the Department Form Fee and Tender Processing Fee (ITI) to get original bids for quoting and submit the tender.
Ø  Pre-bid clarification is also available through online where vendor can ask the clarification to department and department can reply to vendor’s query before stipulated date and time. During this pre-bid clarification process, vendor name will not be displayed for department users.
Ø  If required, department can elect for tender date extension and addendum for replacing/modifying the document.
Ø  Vendor will send the hard copies of EMD and Form Fee if payment mode is manual to department before tender open date and time.
Ø  Department will open the tender (opening committee level) at scheduled date and time; authorize the documents through online with form fee and EMD payment. Evaluate the technical documents through online. Only qualified Bidders document will be available after financial open. During technical evaluation process, department can opt for hard copies from vendor end if required.
Ø  Finally, department will collect the hard copies of L1 bidder only and followed to awarding process.
NOTE: An automated Alert email will be sent to bidders as well as department user for e-tendering activity like tender publish, tender open, bid clarification, award, etc…

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