DOKA Formwork

 Doka System Components
            The various basic components that make up the various DOKA system are as follows:
  1. Doka formwork beams
  2. Doka formwork sheets
  3. Dokadur panels
  4. Doka floor props
  5. Form ties and suspension cones
  6. Multi-trip packaging

1. Doka formwork beams
            The core of the system lies in the usage of an Engineered timber component, the  H-Beam.
The H-beams are manufactured in a modern automated plant at Pondicherry under strict quality control the flanges are made of seasoned chemically treated timber. The web is made of boiling water proof ply wood and joined with the flange by the unique finger jointing method. The H-beams thus manufactured are  light, dimensionally stable and retains its structural properties over a period of time even after repeated usage. It is more predictable, easy to design and use, The number of reuses of H-Beams is more than 100 times (8 times that of conventional timber) and it consumes only 40% of timber volume required.

The H-beams are available in two size namely in H-16 - 16 cms  depth &  H-20 - 20 cms  depth,  length varying between 1m to 6m.

Salient Feature

          Reduction in consumption of timber.
          Making work at site minimized.
          No. of reuses more than 8 times that of conventional timber.
          Dimensionally stable, uniform in size and consistent in strength.
          Cost ratio per use H-16 beam : conventional timber = 1:3.5
          Economical and long - lasting.
          Light weight @ 6kgs per RMT.
Max. Shear Force

Max. Bending

11 KN
4 KN/M
170 x 106 KG.CM2

Doka beam H20

Innovative end reinforcement .
  • For less damage to the ends of the beams
  • For outstanding durability
  • Outstanding production level.

  • Ensures uniformly high quality and load-bearing strength for safe and dependable usage
  • Is the basis for the reliability of the Doka beam formwork and Dokaflex floor formwork
  • From mechanical strenght grading

Practical marks for all standard lengths.

§  As a grid for easy installation and checking of the Dokaflex 1-2-4 system

Doka beam H20 eco

Ends of beams bevelled for more strength but have no end reinforcement.

 Doka formwork sheets

Doka has an extensive range of formwork sheets for the most varied areas of application. All sheets are made of glue-bonded layered wood and are extremely strong and dimensionally stable.

Formwork sheet 3-S Plus
Three-ply concrete-formwork sheet, made of European spruce (picea abies), designed specially for building. Produces a uniform concrete surface.

 Surface: Synthetic melamine resin glue with PU sealant and light corundum sanding on one side
 Bonding: Boilproof and weatherproof
Edges:Impregnating emulsion,
Doka yellow
  Thicknesses: 21 and 27 mm
Formwork sheet 3-SO
Three-ply concrete-formwork sheet, made of European spruce. Produces a uniform concrete surface.

§  Surface: Synthetic melamine resin glue
§  Bonding: Boilproof and weatherproof
§  Edges: Impregnating emulsion,
§  Doka yellow
§  Thicknesses: 21 and 27 mm

Dokaplex Multi-ply sheets
High-grade multi-ply sheet made of Finnish birch hardwood for use again and again. Produces a high-quality, smooth concrete surface.

  • Surface: Phenol-resin coating, 120 g/m²
  • Bonding: Boil proof and weatherproof phenol-resin glue (BFU 100) to DIN 68705-T3
  • Edges: Dispersion
  • Thickness: 21 mm

3. Dokadur panels
Dokadur panels are the state of the art for floor-slab panels. All-round edge and surface sealing dependably protects the panel against the wear and tear of everyday construction work.
Maximised number of reuses and best-quality concrete surfaces.
  • From special surface sealing by means of PUR varnish and melamine resin coating with precision-metered corundum sanding
  • For improved safety at work, because risk of slipping is reduced
  • From significantly reduced moisture absorption for much-reduced discolouration, structuring and cracking

Big savings on costs

  • From easy cleaning of the surfaces, ready for the next use
  • From all-round edge protection made of high-grade PU
  • For exact edges with minimal cleaning
  • For low costs on account of easy and fast reconditioning of the edge
4. Doka Floor Props.
Doka floor props are the right choice for every application. High load-bearing strength plus many practical details that help to make handling easier.

  • The props are available in various sizes viz. CT-250,CT-300,CT-340 & CT-410. The number indicates the extended length of props in cms.

  • Carrying capacity is rated from 20 kN to 30 kN.

  • The tripods make the props self standing for  easier and faster erection of the shuttering system. The adjustments in height are obtained by operating the prop nut. The required dimension in plan is obtained by side-lapping of the H-Beams in the primary or secondary layer.

  • A very accurate and convenient shutter is ready for tying of reinforcement and concreting.

  • The system also facilitates re-propping. By adopting the method of repropping it is possible to reduce the total quantity of formwork materials significantly. The system is very well adapted for use along with the L&T-Doka Beam Forming Supporting system.

5. Form ties and suspension cones
Doka has a complete range of tried-and-tested formtie solutions and dependable suspension points for wall formwork, single-sided formwork and climbing formwork in uncompromising quality for maximum safety.

Doka tie rods and anchor accessories

§  Provide safety through superb manufacturing quality
§  Reduce labour costs for installing ties, because a hammer is all that is needed for easy installation
§  Are durable, robust and unaffected by dirt

Robustly dimensioned universal climbing cones

§  ensure firm connections between structure and formwork
§  for safety on high structures
§  for all kinds of climbing formwork

Safe suspension solutions for working and protection platforms

§  With different attachments to suit the application
§  Ideally matched to the carrying capacity of Doka working and protection platforms
§  Easy to install and reusable.

Multi-trip packaging
Multi-trip packaging such as containers, stacking pallets and skeleton transport boxes  keep everything in place on the site, minimise time wasted searching for parts, and streamline the storage and transport of system components, small items and accessories.
Savings on material overheads and labour costs.

  • Through faster loading and unloading of system components, small items and accessories
  • Through easy relocation to the next point where the parts are needed
  • Through safe storage in stacks, particularly when space is at a premium

Stacking pallets 150 and 120 simplify the storage and transport of floor props, removable folding tripods, formwork beams and Dokadur panels. The clamp-on wheels make the stacking pallets mobile, so they can easily be steered through standard door-size openings in residential accommodation projects.