Civil Engineer Job openings for freshers in Bangalore Metro

Bangalore Metro (BMRCL) has invited from eligible Indian Nationals for the Graduate Engineer - Civil (Total 80 Posts) in the Project Wing of BMRCL on contract basis.
  Following are the Eligibility conditions for Graduate Engineers:

 Knowledge of Kannada is a must. ( The candidate should be able to Read, Speak, Understand and Write in Kannada).Possession of Civil Engineering degree is must . The candidate should have scored minimum 50% marks , in the essential educational qualification prescribed. The said 50% should be computed by averaging marks of all the years and in all papers in the entire Degree course i.e. total marks obtained in all years divided by maximum marks of all examinations. In case, instead of marks, Grades have been given, the middle figure of the range that the Grade covers should be taken as marks obtained for each subject and total percentage computed as per above prescribed procedure . Eg: If Grade 'A' range is 80 - 100, middle figure : 90 should be tak…

E Tendering

DOKA Formwork

 Doka System Components             The various basic components that make up the various DOKA system are as follows: Doka formwork beamsDoka formwork sheetsDokadur panelsDoka floor propsForm ties and suspension conesMulti-trip packaging
1. Doka formwork beams The core of the system lies in the usage of an Engineered timber component, the  H-Beam. The H-beams are manufactured in a modern automated plant at Pondicherry under strict quality control the flanges are made of seasoned chemically treated timber. The web is made of boiling water proof ply wood and joined with the flange by the unique finger jointing method. The H-beams thus manufactured are  light, dimensionally stable and retains its structural properties over a period of time even after repeated usage. It is more predictable, easy to design and use, The number of reuses of H-Beams is more than 100 times (8 times that of conventional timber) and it consumes only 40% of timber volume required.
The H-beams are available in two size …