Using Excavator :


1.        Mark on ground area to be excavated allowing side slope @ approx 1 horizontal: 6 vertical and working space at bottom 50 cm wide all-round the proposed foundation.


            2.      In case depth of excavation is more than 2m allow a step 50 cm wide on all sides or alternatively provide a slope of 1 vertical: 4 horizontal from bottom.


            3.      Transfer benchmark on temporary / permanent pillar nearby.


            4.      Start excavation with Excavator and place excavated material in dumper / trailer fitted to tractor.


            5.      Excavated material should not be dumped alongside the pit excavated. Dispose off the excavated material at designated location leaving quantity required later for backfilling around foundation.


            6.      In case ground water table is high bore well will be installed fitted with pump to lower water table. Also dewatering pump will be mobilized of adequate capacity and nos depending on size of excavated pit to pump out water accumulated due to rains and also due to bore well pump failure, if any.


            7.         Continue excavation with Excavator till about 15 cm above final excavation level. Excavate, dress and level this portion manually. Light mechanical compactor will be used with sprinkling of water where excavation is dry to have a compacted top surface of excavation for further works to proceed.