METHOD STATEMENT FOR Expansion joint filling using Capcell HD 100

  • The density of polyurethane shall be 100Kgs / cum. The water absorption should be 0.012%.Thickness should be 50mm. 
  • It should be bitumen free and chemical resistant. It should possess excellent recovery after compression.
  • The CAPCELL HD 100 board shall be cut neatly with all edges even and to the size required (size of the structure at the expansion joint.)
  • The concrete surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, oil or other Contaminants that would interfere with proper adhesion.
  • It shall be placed resting on the existing structure at the joint using adhesive foam tape or synthetic rubber based adhesive, before the structure adjoining to the joint is constructed.
  • The board shall be snugly filled the gap in between the expansion joint.
  • After ensuring the above points, Concreting of adjoining structure shall be done.