Method Statement for Columns

To provide true line & position of columns/walls we shall provide starter/kicker for each column & shear walls, column wall position shall be marked on raft/slab top for providing starter/kicker.

Ø  Starters shall be made of 100 mm x 50 mm channel section.
Ø  Concreting of starter will proceed after checking of layout with necessary clearance from clients.
Ø  Column wall Shutters/boxes will be 12mm thick film coated ply with backing angles at the edges and flat at the center about 300C/C both ways. The lift for columns will be of 2.4 m height in general but however this may vary depending on requirement.
Ø  Vertical reinforcement bars and Stirrups shall be provided as per Drawings & BBS Checked by clients and suitably tied with binding wire.
Ø  The reinforcement bars shall be held in position rigidly from sway by suitable scaffolding arrangement.
Ø  Proper cover to the reinforcement shall be ensured by providing adequate numbers of concrete cover blocks.
Ø  Column shutters shall be erected true to line and plumb and adequate supports shall be provided to keep the same in position during & after concreting.
Ø  Proper staged platform will be provided for concreting.
Ø  Concrete pour card as per approved format shall be made and maintained for each pour duly signed by client & Simplex.
Ø  Columns shall be poured in layers of 300 mm thick and each layer shall be vibrated properly.
Ø  Adequate numbers of manpower in terms of skilled and unskilled shall be made available to receive the concrete.
Ø  Proper lighting arrangements shall be made for night works.
Ø  Construction and expansion joints shall be provided and treated as per instructions/specifications.
Ø  Any loose deposited concrete afterwards shall be removed & disposed off.
Ø  Hessian cloth shall be wrapped around the column/wall for keeping the element wet for minimum of 14 days.

De-shuttering shall be done after 12 hours/24 hours after casting of individual pours as per Technical requirements and codal provisions.