Saturday, 27 December 2014

Method Statement for Retaining Wall work Execution

Method Statement for Retaining Wall work Execution


  • Retaining wall work shall be taken up for a length of 10m to 20m to suit the site condition duly considering the safety aspect.
  • The total height of different types of retaining wall shall be cast in 2 or 3 pours, keeping the maximum height of pour of 2.44m.
  • Shuttering and staging shall be as per the scheme attached.
  • The bottom surface shall be rammed before PCC and after completion of PCC surface shall be cleaned properly.
  • The layout of wall for the stretch to be executed will be marked on PCC and shall be got checked by Client.
  • Placement and fixing of reinforcement shall be taken up with bars fabricated as per BBS checked by Client. Laps, chairs and any other extra reinforcement that is to be provided shall be recorded jointly in concrete pour card.
  • Proper cover to the reinforcement as per drawing shall be provided by adequate number of approved cover blocks.
  • Shuttering will be carried out with plastic/film coated plywood shuttering boards. Adequate supports will be fixed in position, Suitable shutter releasing agent will be used
  • Cleaning of surface shall be done by compressed air if required.
  • Concrete pour card will be prepared and approval will be taken from Client.
  • Tarpaulin sheet will be kept at site to protect fresh concrete from unexpected rain.
  • De-shuttering of the sides will be done after 24 hours.
  • Concrete surface will be covered with hessian cloth and cured for seven days after concreting


Concreting of Retaining wall:

  • Grade of concrete shall be as per approved drawing i.e M-25.
  • Entire retaining wall shall be cast in stretches of 10m to 20m to suit site condition.
  • Horizontal construction joint will be provided at predetermined location as per approved pour plan. The vertical construction joint will be provided by means of wooden stopper at 10m to 20m interval depending on length to be taken at a time.
  • Pouring will be done in layers and proper compaction will be ensured by using needle vibrators. Electrically operated vibrators with different dia needles viz. 60mm or 40 mm will be used for compaction of poured concrete depending upon the thickness of the layer.