This section defines the scope of work and technical specifications for the work “Painting on internal equipments, pipe lines, structural / misc. steel and chain link fencing etc. at TAPS- 3&4 plant site”. The objective of this work is to supply and application of a finish coat of Epoxy Paint / Poly Urethane Paint / Synthetic Enamel Paint / epoxy and enamel primer, as the case may be, of approved make and shade on the existing painted surfaces of pipe lines, equipments, valves, fittings, ladders, gratings, GI duct, cable trays, all structural / misc. steel etc. as per specifications at TAPS-3&4 plant site. Painting of PPS fence & other fence is also included in the scope of the work.




The contractor’s scope of work shall comprise but not limited to the following:-

1. Preparation of all types of surfaces to be painted by removing all loose material / paint, dust, stain etc.

2. Supply & application of primer / putty wherever required.

3. Supply & application of one finish coat of Epoxy Paint / Poly Urethane Paint / Synthetic Enamel Paint of approved brand / make as per Annexure -1 on pipe lines, equipments and other metal surfaces etc.

4. Supply & application of Synthetic Enamel Paint of approved brand / make as per Annexure -1 on PPS fence & other as per specification and relevant item.




1. All the materials, to be used in the work for the purpose of contract shall be as per standards / specifications and relevant test certificates showing requisite properties. The test certificates shall be submitted to the Engineer for his verification. Paints without test certificates or expired paints shall not be accepted.



2. All paints and paint constituents to be used for the work shall be delivered to the work area in original sealed containers, bearing manufacturer’s labels, batch No., date of manufacture etc.


3. Constituent adhesives such as thinner, driers etc. shall be those recommended by the paint manufacturer.


4. The workmanship shall be one of the best class achievable in the industry and acceptable to the Engineer. Rectification on account of poor workmanship shall be done by the contractor to the satisfaction

of Engineer.


Materials Required For Painting First Coat Primer And Two Subsequent Coats


Application of primer on walls , wooden doors and windows and steel doors and windows :-


Ø Cement primer

Ø Turpentine

Ø Putty

Ø Polish paper

Ø Wood primer

Ø Emery polish paper

Ø Water





Preparation and cleaning of surface before painting:


a. The existing painted surface should be cleaned thoroughly by using scrapers, wire brushes, emery paper, buffing wheels etc., thus making it free from all oil & grease, loose particles, rust, dust etc. to receive the finish coat.


b. Surfaces shall be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust, oil & grease with suitable cleaning agent followed by rinsing with clean water. Damaged painted areas shall be scrubbed thoroughly to achieve a clean surface. Pits / abrupt undulations shall be filled with compatible putty wherever required.


Walls, floors & ceiling and adjacent equipments and piping shall be satisfactorily protected by drop clothes.


Other precautionary measures should be taken during spray / brush painting to ensure that surrounding area /equipment is not affected.


Application of paint :


The application should be as per manufacturer’s instructions / specifications. Before opening the packed drum, it should be rolled on the floor and after opening the drum paints shall be stirred well so that no material/ pigments remains settled at the bottom. Suitably the paint shall be checked as per requirement before opening.


The choice of method of application i.e. by brush or by spray gun will be decided by the Engineer. However, adjacent equipment / structures shall be suitably protected and care shall be taken to prevent intoxication of the surrounding area. The method of paint application depending upon the area shall be jointly discussed and decided with Engineer. Paint thickness (DFT) shall be as per the item scheduled. In case the dry film thickness of finish paint is observed less than the specified values, additional coat shall have to be applied free of charge.


Inspection & check :


All the work is subject to the inspection of the Engineer or his authorized representative which shall be carried out in a manner, satisfactory to the Engineer. The contractor shall rectify any short comings pointed out by the said representative. The general inspection requirements are as follows:-


a) No paint shall be applied until the authorized inspection has ascertained that all prepared surfaces are satisfactorily cleaned and are in a condition to ensure the proper receipt of and adhesion of the coating.




b) The contractor shall furnish all gauges, instruments and the necessary measuring equipments required for inspecting the work, test pieces, samples etc. at site and in the shop. The Engineer’s authorized representative is intended to ensure that the material and workmanship are in accordance with this specification, but it will not relieve the contractor for any of his responsibilities for the ultimate

workmanship and performances.




i) Drop cloth / polythene sheets :

Drop cloth and polythene sheets of suitable size & quality shall be used to protect other materials and surfaces.


ii) Masking:

The masking material where-ever necessary shall be used in sufficient quantities to avoid falling of paint on unwanted surfaces.


iii) Grinding / buffing wheels, w ire brush & emery paper.


iv) Electrical distribution panels switch boards & hand lamps.


v) Kerosene, thinners, acetone etc to remove oil / grease etc.


vi) Painting brush:

Good quality brushes with long and flexible bristles free from any paint residue shall be used.


vii) Neat, clean & painted scaffoldings of good quality.


viii) Good quality ladders, platforms etc.


ix) Safety gears to be used by personnel like respirator, face mask, hand gloves, protective clothing etc.










The work of “Painting on internal equipments, pipe lines, structural / misc. steel and chain link fencing etc. at TAPS- 3&4 plant site” demands highest degree of quality and reliability standards. In line with this requirement the contractor should have documented quality assurance system to assure the quality of work at all stages viz. procurement, inspection, testing, handling and shipment, storage, cleaning, application and safety. The contractor shall have a dedicated group of experienced and qualified inspection engineers and inspectors responsible for assuring quality assurance and quality surveillance at their works, their suppliers / vendors and at site.




    The measurement for the purpose of payment shall be done on actual area painted.


    The length and breadth shall be measured correctly to a cm. The area shall be calculated in sq.m


    Small articles not exceeding 0.1 sq.m of painted surfaces where not in conjunction with similar painted work shall be enumerated


    Painting up to 10 cm in width or in girth and not in conjunction with similar painted work shall be given in running meters and shall include cutting to line where so required
















Paneled Or Framed And Braced Doors And Windows

Measured Flat

1.30(For Each Side)

Flush Doors

Measured Flat

1.00(For Each Side)

Fully Glazed Doors and Windows

Measured Flat

0.80(For Each Side)

carved or enriched work

Measured Flat

2.00(For Each Side)

Wood Shingle Roofing

Measured Flat Not Girthed

0.80(For Painting All)

Tile And Slate Battening

Measured Flat Overall. No Deductions for Open Spaces

1.05(For Each Side)

wire gauge shutters including painting of wire gauze

Measured Flat not Girthed

1.00(For Each Side)

Open Palisade Fencing And Gates

Measured Flat Overall No Deduction For Open Spaces. Supporting Members Shall Not Be Measured Separately

1.00(For Paint Allover)











Wherever the work is required to be executed at higher elevations above the floor, the contractor shall arrange height pass for each and every person employed by him for this work for working at this elevation.




Experienced man power including Engineers, supervisors, inspectors and painters shall be deployed on the work. The painters shall have to be qualified by NPC before start of work. All other personnel shall be duly authorized by Site in-Charge before deploying them into work. A safety supervisor shall also be deployed for monitoring & instructing the safety aspects during the work.




Inspection Reports in mutually agreed format shall be submitted along with completion of the work. Each RA Bill shall be submitted with inspection reports of the quantities billed for.




The contractor shall submit a weekly report and a monthly report in mutually agreed format for monitoring the progress of work.














(Exclusively for radioactive area)


Approved Epoxy Coating System Manufacturer

i) Apcodur CF-695 M/s Asian Paints

ii) Protectomastic M/s Berger Paints

iii) Carboline – 890 (Epoxy) M/s CDC Carboline




(Other than radioactive area)


Approved Epoxy Coating System Manufacturer

i) Apcodur CF-695 M/s Asian Paints

ii) Protectomastic M/s Berger Paints

iii) Carboline – 890 (Epoxy) M/s CDC Carboline

iv) Neromastic 400 M/s Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.

v) Epigard XL High Build Finish M/s. Shalimar Paints




Approved Synthetic Enamel Paints Manufacturer

i) Apcolite M/s Asian Paints

ii) Luxol M/s Berger Paints

iii) Neromin Synthetic Enamel M/s Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.

iv) Tuffkote Chemical Resisting Enamel M/s Shalimar Paints




Approved polyurethane System Manufacturer

i) Apcothane CF-674 M/s Asian Paints

ii) Bergerthane Finish M/s Berger Paints

iii) Nerothane 460 GL M/s Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.

iv) Shalithane Finish M/s Shalimar Paints










Approved Epoxy Primer Manufacturer

i) Apcodur HB Redoxide Zinc Phosphate Primer M/s Asian Paints

ii) Epilux 610 primer M/s Berger Paints

iii) Neropoxy HB Zinc Phosphate Primer M/s Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.

iv) Epigard HB Zinc Phosphate Primer M/s Shalimar Paints




Approved Synthetic Primer Manufacturer

i) Apcomin HB Zinc Phosphate Primer M/s Asian Paints

ii) Bison Synthetic HB ROZP Primer M/s Berger Paints

iii) Nerolac HB Zinc Phosphate Primer M/s Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.

iv) HB Zinc Phosphate Synthetic Primer M/s Shalimar Paints